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Vanilla Grass Herbs


Blood Pressure

Posted on July 14, 2013 at 10:09 AM

1. Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera or Winter cherry) – is good for using for long time period as a good support toning therapy for people with heart problems of any kind, including hypertension of “Vata type” (it is Ayurvedic term).

2. Amalaki or Amla (Emblica Officinalis or Indian Gooseberry) – has many antioxidants, which prevent the development of atherosclerosis, thus lower cholesterol. Also Amla purifies and cleans the blood.
3. Bibhitaki (Terminalia Bellirica or Bahera) – also has a good property of reducing cholesterol. As high level of bad cholesterol can be the main reason of high blood pressure and heart problems.

4. Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna or White Marudah) – helps reverse hardening of arteries, helps against coronary artery disease. Arjuna acts against hypertension, enhances the elimination of cholesterol.

5. Brahmi (Centella Asiatica or Gotu Kola) – Brahmi is the most sattvic and spiritual plant.

In Ayurveda Gotu Kola is called “a memory herb”. Clinically proven that G.K. reduces blood pressure, frequency of contractions of the heart muscle and improves peripheral circulation.

The last effect is explained by the action of bioflavonoids, which this plant contains. They are essential for maintaining strong health.

6. Guggul (Commiphora Mucul or Indian Bedellium) – also lowers blood cholesterol levels. Clinical studies have also found that guggulsterones are especially helpful for people who have high cholesterol levels because of kidney disease. In the treatment of arteriosclerosis it is useful in reducing existing plaque in arteries, which narrows the arteries, thus the pressure goes high.

7. Hawthorn (Crataegus or White Thorn). In Ayurveda as well as in Western medicine the Hawthorn is a recongnized treatment for diseases of cardiovascular system. It improves blood circulation, strengthens the heart muscle, lowers cholesterol and promotes longevity. Helps against high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, heart arrhythmia (irregular heart beats). Impoves blood flow and oxygen (with red blood cells) to the heart. Also treats arteriosclerosis.

8. Gokshura (Tribulus Terrestris or Puncture wine) – quite effective for heart problems like angina. Effective in reducing blood pressure level, hypertension and blood sugar. Helps against severe headache and migraines.

9. Neem (Azadirachta Indica). Recent studies have shown that Neem reduces blood cholesterol level and keeps the heart healthy.

10. Karela (Momordica charantia). It helps in lowering blood sugar levels and also helps in suppressing sugar out flow in urine, helps to attain supportive sugar regulating outcome by suppressing the neural retort to sweet taste stimuli.

11. Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis). Treatment for high blood pressure with Shankhpushpi: Take fresh swaras of Shankhapushpi 10-20 mg. every morning and evening for some days to get rid of high blood pressure

Categories: Cardiovascular

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I have heard that Indian Herbs are very useful in many diseases. I hope to control the Blood Pressure, all these herbs should be helpful.
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Neem has lots of benefits in curing many diseases. It contain some very string anti-biotic elements. Ayurveda depicts many uses if Neem.
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Blood pressure is very common disease nowadays. There are many treatments to cure. Using herbs is a good alternative.
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I have used Brahmi in my treatment. Really it is the most sattvic and spiritual plant i have ever seen.
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