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Vanilla Grass Herbs

Gymnema Compound extract 1oz

supports normal healthy blood sugar metabolism. Not recommended for people with hypoglycemia

ingredients: gymnema, bilberry/blueberry, devils club, dandelion, fenugreek

Hoxsey-Like Formula liquid extract 2oz

supports glandular, lymphatic and immune system function while promoting healthy blood

ingredients: red clover, licorice, burdock, oregon grape, cascara sagrada, buckthorn, poke, queens root, prickly ash, wild indigo, 2% solution potassium iodide

Maca capsules

supports a normal healthy sex drive, normal vitality and a healthy response to stress. Promotes a healthy mind, body and spirit.

60 powdered capsules

Licorice capsules

promotes normal healthy liver

and adrenal gland function

60 powder capsules

Ashwagandha Root capsules 450mg

supports adrenal glands, thyroid function, boosts immunity.

60 powder capsules