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Vanilla Grass Herbs

Neem Tincture (1 3/4oz)

Vanilla Grass offers the highest quality of Neem. It destroys a wide range of parasitic organisms, powerful blood purifier, helps rid candida/yeast, fungus and skin problems.

Neem Cream 4oz tube

Vanilla Grass offers high quality

Neem Cream. This is an

excellent cream for psoriasis, eczema, acne, fungus and bacterial problems. Also helps prevent-wrinkles. The results are miraculous.

Neem Soap (3.6oz)

Neem at Vanilla Grass for the highest quality available. soothes troubled skin.

Ingredients: oils of coconut, sweet almond, palm kernel, cocoa butter, neem, rosehip seed, olive, sweet orange, patchouli and vanilla, purified water, neem leaf, grapefruit seed extract.

Neem Toothpaste (4oz)

Vanilla Grass offers the highest quality Neem toothpaste. Great-

tasting. Neem and Xyitol are clinically proven to maintain healthy gums and teeth.